Carritos MR – Meal Replacement

Carritos MR – Meal Replacement


  • Hunger-free up to 5 Hr
  • Right nutrients it needs to be an active in busy life
  • Controls Intake calory
  • keep energetic
  • Sugar Free for Diabetic Patients


Carritos Meal Replacement:Hunger-free up to 5 Hr

  • Nourishes your body with the right nutrients it
    needs to be an active and busy life Controls your
    calory intake, but still keep you energetic
  • Formulated by medical professionals with exclusive
    nutritious ingredients for a healthy weight loss or
    before Bariatric Surgery,
  • Offers a healthy & tasty meal,
    are combination that a missing in regular weight loss
  • Contains everything a meal should have but
    with lesser calories and more nutrition
  • Developed with protein which are good for muscular health
    vitamin, minerals and amino acid which are essential
    for good health.
  • Fibers which give eating satisfaction by offering stomach fullness garcinia cambogia HCA, a
    natural appetite suppressant natural energy booster green tea, a natural fat metabolic enhancer-green
    coffee, natural fat storage inhibitor-DHA which is non to be good for over all wellbeing


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